Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Did you know...

That when using gmail, any new recipients added on to the email since you last replied are bolded and put first on the list?

I think that's pretty darn handy.  Helped me today when emailing with school folks, but by the time the 5th email was exchanged I'm pretty sure half the county was in on it :).

I didn't know that it did that until today but it was very helpful to recognize that new names kept being included along the email train!

I am ready for next FRIDAY when this IEP is behind us.  Then... we have 2 more to get done before the end of the year...

(trying hard not to pray for patience...)


  1. I prayed for patience once... :)

    (I'll keep you all in my prayers!)

  2. Yes, I have learned the hard way that when you pray for patience you are making a big mistake! Also, don't ever pray for help staying off your computer to be more present with your children...because then the very next day your computer will die a quick death....

  3. I must be missing something. Why is it bad for pray for patience? -Heidi