Monday, April 04, 2011


Tuesday is the big day... the day Wesley will have his hips reconstructed and muscles lengthened... at least... we hope.

We're going in to the day with the knowledge that God sees what we do not, and He knows what we do not know.  He sees the days ahead and He plans out our footsteps... even if they feel like footfalls at the time.

Tomorrow's surgery may be cancelled if Wesley's temp goes up again.

It could be done "halfway" if it's too long of a process to do both hips at the same time.

It could be started, and found to be that his hips and sockets are simply incompatible.

There are all kinds of scenarios, but the things that will come to pass will do so not as a result of the enemy's triumph, no matter the outcome, but of God's divine plan and guidance.

Please pray for Wesley, that if this surgery is supposed to happen tomorrow that it will!  And that whatever 'level' of correction needs to be done will be.  Pray that he does well with the initial separation if they don't allow parents to stay until he is sleeping.  Pray that he does well with the anesthesia since he's never had any sedation before.  Pray for the doctors, nurses, surgeons that will be with him throughout the day, that they will have a steady hand, an assured spirit, and a compassionate heart.  Pray for the others that we will inevitably meet in the waiting rooms and for their children undergoing procedures as well.  Pray for Wesley's pain management and the physical structure of the cast.  Pray that he will have padding in "all the right places" and will be comfortable in it... since he can't tell us if there is uneven pressure anywhere.  Pray that Wesley will turn to us for comfort and support and not turn away in anger and betrayal.  Pray for our hearts to endure handing over our new son to a surgeon.  Pray for us to comfort our son, and to be able to understand his discomforts to vocalize what he cannot.  Pray for our parents, taking on the crew back home for the day, and for their teachers, dealing with kids out of routine for the week.  Pray for Michael as he returns home and balances work and family the rest of this week and for his coworkers, that they may also understand that necessary balance.

Thank you for supporting us through this.  Though I don't look forward to tomorrow, I DO look forward to a day in mid-may when Wesley's casts will be removed and he can begin the journey to standing... sitting... and who knows what else God may have planned from there on out.

I pray you have a blessed Tuesday, and I will update here as I find possible via my (unfortunately...) new cell phone.  (RIP Motorola Backflip... you served me well...)

Wesley's surgery is scheduled to begin at 7:30am EST.


  1. We would be honored to keep your guy in our prayers.

    Tammy and Parker

  2. Praying, praying. Blessed that you gave us all so many specifics for which to pray.

  3. Praying for Wesley..well all of you guys really! Bless you all

  4. I hope things go well for Wesley and the rest of you tomorrow. Also, did you know that they can add an amnesia-type medication to the anesthesia if the anesthesia is going through an iv. That way, even if you are separated, he won't be as frightened after the surgery and before possible future surgeries.

  5. Heartfult prayers are lifted up. You are such a strong and resilient family and I know that you will forge through as you help Wesley heal.


  6. praying for a an easy surgery and comfort for Wesley...and your family too.

  7. Praying for you and your entire family today!!