Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Why do I have to sit on hold for 3 minutes for insurance to pay a claim?

A claim, I may add, that's 2 months old and that they'd held because they wanted to know if she had any other health coverage. Yet they've processed everything else and paid it out.

What will they tell me after these 3 minutes on hold that are wasting my time?

Hmm... it's been almost 3 minutes...

Should I be surprised that after 3 minutes all they told me is that they sent it back to the inpatient claims center and they'll pay it for me? Wow, what a waste of time...


  1. How frustrating for you! When a company that's supposed to be providing a 'service' fails to process your paperwork, and then leaves you on hold for so long that you end up (almost) paying more than you did for the service in the first place, it's enough to drive the sanest person mad. I'm SO thankful I don't have to deal with that for healthcare, at least - but even so, I know exactly where you're coming from.

    Christine - Currently blogging for Kiril.

  2. Hey... they did that with a claim for Daisy on our insurance too.... Paid EVERYTHING else that we have done with her... and then are trying to deny the one visit to the cardiologist due to pre-existing conditions... I had to call... stayed on hold for 15 minutes while they had to research the issue. Drives me bonkers. Then, they had the nerve to ask me if she had ever been covered under any other health insurance... I had to laugh and then said, if she was, it was in Ukraine. that made the lady laugh. At least I let one person have a good laugh, because I sure wasn't.