Saturday, November 07, 2009

How in the world did Micah

become so HORRIBLY AFRAID of this??

Ok, so I know these things are super controversial and I won't pretend to be 'for' or 'against' them because I really do understand both sides of the coin... But the thing is, we've never used one of these. We bought one once when we were going to be in the Chicago airport and we wanted to make sure there was NO way for Kristopher to get separated from us while we were trying to haul luggage and a 2 yr old and an infant through the airport. But Kristopher wore it once and decided if he had 3' to get away from us he would be that 3' away ALL THE TIME and we never again tried to use it.

But for the last LONG while it has been in the garage, LOST. We loaned it to a friend that was taking her 2 yr old twins on a cruise and after that misplaced it and haven't seen it since. Mike just came across it today. Ironically, he came across it today after I spent the last week intentionally looking for it.

And today I decided I'd buy another- that we must have gotten rid of it. So now we have two. That Micah is horribly afraid of!

I didn't put it on him. He didn't even KNOW what It was for. I simply walked over to him while he was playing on the porch and he looked at it and broke out in HYSTERICS. Then I showed it to him for a second and decided he was going to have to get over it and I put it on him. Mean mommy, I know. He stood there with his arms out and screamed at the top of his lungs. I didn't laugh. I promise. But I thought about it! I did go alert Mike to the situation- he was just outside the sliders grilling burgers- and he came back in with me. We found that Micah's tongue was bleeding (he bites it regularly, so it wasn't a big surprise), and Mike thought that was the cause of the freak out. I begged to differ.

Later tonight Mike took the monkey over to Micah and as soon as he saw it HE FREAKED! Again! We played around with it, let Brianna wear it (who loves it, by the way!) and let him just hold it or let the kids hand it to him to play with... most of the time he was somewhat ok with it. But every once in a while... he freaked! LOL No, I'm not laughing... but seriously it WAS funny!

Well, we'll work on him here at home because it won't be very helpful to me in the parking lot to have my son freaking out about the monkey (without it even being anywhere NEAR him!). It also will not help me to cross the parking lot or take him into a store without the stroller. And that is the goal.. to have him learn to stay near me in stores rather than to wander. I thought the monkey would be more 'fun' than the traditional harnesses. Maybe not. *sigh*


  1. I had two similar harnesses I used for my 2 boys when they were home for about 12 months (24 months and 2.5 years)...when we were going to be in Disney for a job related meeting. Anyway, my 2 year old old refused to wear it. Stopped in the middle of one of the bridges and REFUSED to move; refused to put it on; refused to get back in his stroller. I ended up putting it on his brother who proceded to wear it for the next 4 years as his security blanket. He loved to play in it and I finally had to throw it away when he wasn't looking.

  2. Maybe something happened to him in Ukraine that is making him afraid of this. Were they tied down or anything?

  3. I had a fear of monkeys (particularly those blasted flying ones in the Wizard of Oz....still can't watch that movie) as a kid. I think I've seen one of those harnesses that is a dog. Maybe another critter? Or no critter? I considered using one of those for my boys, but I think they'd just plop down and refuse to walk and I'd just be tugging on the monkey tail instead of an arm. My solution is to shop in stores where the carts are left in corrals in the parking lot. I park right by one of those and plop the kids in right away.

  4. oh dear.... I understand the almost laughing. :)

    Personally, I love those! Haven't used them with all the kids, just a couple of the boys.

    There was a time I would walk the dog in one hand, and a kid in the other. Got some strange, smirky, and or dsiapproving looks. :) But not a single offer to help! LOL

  5. OK... since you didn't laugh, I won't either. Much! LOL It IS funny though! Keeghan LOVES those things. We have the monkey and the bear. Hopefully Micah will decide he loves it too!

  6. Could someone at the orphanage have harmed him with something similar? :(

  7. I won't laugh, either, but I will admit to smiling! ;) I use a regular harness for Elijah and it is a lifesaver at times. He has a love hate relationship with it and while he never minds it being on, he does sometimes mind someone other than himself holding the end of the leash. But it does give him a little more freedom while giving Mommy a little peace of mind.

  8. We have used the monkey a few times-it has literally been a "lifesaver," too. Why must our little boys be so adventurous!?!

  9. Sorry to hear about your son's reaction to it. ..wonder why. We have used one for our boy because he just has no fear or understanding of harm--and we live near a creek and road. I'd been a bit reluctant at first but after one day when he bolted toward the road when I wasn't looking for a minute, now we use it! And my daughter who doesnt need it LOVES IT and likes to wear it around :)so I think I'll have to get another