Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dinner for $2.79?

Tonight we got a large stuffed pizza, meat lover's (I think) with 8 pieces of boneless mild wings for $2.79. Unintentionally.

Knowing that I needed still to pack clothes for 6 people, clean out the van, and get the house under some sort of order not to mention gathering activities for the car, 2 playpens, etc... tonight, I asked Mike if he'd bring home dinner if I ordered it around the time he gets off work.

I got online at 4:30 and found a coupon in my email. Around 12:30 today they sent me an 'online coupon' for $5 off any $15 order placed online. Sounds good... So I put in a large stuffed crust pizza- half cheese, half Hawaiian. The total? $10. Because there's another deal going on that's ANY pizza ANY size for $10. Ok, so whatever else we want will be $5 off of it. Some wings are $6.99. $2 wings? Sure! Plus tax of course.

Well, as you might have noticed, Mike brought home the pizza and Kristopher was interested in finding out how they made it half with stuff and half without. He was pretty disappointed when he opened it to find his beloved cheese pizza was non-existent. In fact, so was our Hawaiian. With 6 of us sitting at the table ready to eat, I didn't have much choice but to say "pick it off". I did call them, though, to let them know there had been a mix up.

They put a $10 credit back on our phone #. So though our pizza tonight was still $12.79, We now have $10 toward a pizza. Maybe we'll slide in another dine-out night while they're doing the $10 any pizza deal.


  1. When our older kids were little, would go to Pizza Hut at least once a week, specifically because 3 out of 4 times they'd get our order wrong and have to give it to us for free. Needless to say we took advantage of their ineptitude and ate a LOT of pizza. :)

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