Friday, November 01, 2013

It's FALL! :)

These are all out of order, but here are some pictures from October :)

Emma, Delaina, Lynae, Brianna, and Aleksa at the pumpkin patch!

James, Wesley, and Micah at the pumpkin patch, with siblings behind them as well.

Emma, Delaina, Lynae, Kristopher, and Brianna at the pumpkin patch.

Checking out he pumpkin deemed "Chunky"- Delaina

Lynae and "Chunky"

James touching "Chunky" the pumpkin.

Emma checking out the pumpkin.

Brianna giving "Chunky" a hug.

Aleksa and "Chunky".

Micah, unsure about "Chunky" and Michael and Meredith in the background.

Brianna and Lynae enjoying the pumpkin.

At a Harvest Festival on a big bounce house slide- Micah.

Brianna on the slide.

Lynae finishing up the bounce house slide.

Kristopher ready to go down the slide.

Delaina, James, and Emma waiting for the 'sliders'.

Emma, Aleksa, and Wesley enjoying the outdoors!

Delaina lounging.

Watching Monsters University on Halloween- Delaina picking up the popcorn she spilled (yes... she still ate it...)

Watching Monsters University on Halloween.

Watching Monsters University on Halloween.

Back at the pumpkin patch (yes, just out of order...)  Brianna, Lynae, Aleksa, Emma, Kristopher, and Lynae and Micah in the background.

Brianna, Lynae, Emma, and Aleksa with Micah, Wesley, and James in the background... and me trying to bring up the camera on my phone.

Lynae, Aleksa, and Brianna.

Front to back, Emma, Delaina, Lynae, Kristopher, and Brianna.

Delaina looking at the little pumpkins.


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