Thursday, November 28, 2013

28 Unconventional Ways Our Special Needs Family is Thankful

28. Feeding tube supplies delivered to the door.

27. Brianna lost a tooth last week and was able to tell me she swallowed it. She’ll be singing “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth” this year.

26. The mornings I sleep until the alarm goes off, even if I was up multiple times during the night.  It’s nice to be in bed that extra time. 

25. I had a dream where Aleksa was talking to me in sentences. It was awesome.

24. We thought of something that each of the kids would enjoy as a Christmas gift. For a nonverbal child with little desire to ‘play’, this can be a daunting task!

23. The days Wesley doesn't reflux.

22. Emma can completely remove her shoes, orthotics, socks, pants, and pull up and deposit the pull up in the bathroom trash can. And when she was dry or we are about to leave and she wasn’t supposed to take everything off, she can put her diaper, pants, and socks back on and her orthotics at least on her feet (though she cannot do the velcro).

21. Days the kids try new skills.  Success or not.

20. Our children love music and we can have wild dance parties without anything more than a radio or Pandora station.

19. We went out on a date two weeks ago. Wonderfully refreshing!

18. A good friend shipped me a box of elastic waist pants for the boys that should fit them by the end of this winter. Another friend brought some clothes for Delaina next fall. What a blessing hand me downs are!

17. We are 22 weeks in to this school year. 14 to go!

16. Trampolines. They are a wonderful invention.

15. Swings. Another excellent way for kids to run off steam without running down their parents.

14. The excitement of blankets and comforters. Just the idea of cooler weather is exciting!

13. Friendships that last through change.

12. Stores that employ people with differences. They make my heart happy.

11. TOPS soccer, our new found family activity that everyone is enjoying!

10. Medications that balance people out. Balance is good.

9. Air conditioning, even in November.

8. Everyone is healthy. Let us never neglect to be thankful for that!

7. A table large enough to seat us all together for Thanksgiving dinner and every day.

6. Digital calendars so we always know where we need to be… and where we’ve been.

5. Neurologists and opthalmologists and cardiologists and gastroenterologists and orthopedists and orthodontists and otolaryngologists and anesthesiologists and pediatricians and psychiatrists and physiatrists and physical therapists and speech therapists and occupational therapists and ER physicians and endocrinologists and dentists and hemotologists and ALL their nurses and staff. The list goes on…

4. The blessing of our neurotypical children. And the blessing of our non-neurootypical children.

3. My husband, seeking God with us, and for us.

2. Michael’s job and his provision for our family.

1. Our God who sent His only Son to come to the Earth and be separated from Him through death on the cross then reconstruction in His resurrection from the dead. Jesus conquered Hell, death, and the grave! Through Jesus our sins can be forgiven and we can have eternal life. There is no greater thing to be thankful for then the salvation of our soul and the knowledge that the God of the Universe knows each of us and our children by name.

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