Wednesday, April 11, 2012

One more day, one more accomplishment!

Today we OFFICIALLY started on our home construction!!  Our permit applications were delayed a week initially because of a miscommunication between the permit folks and our project manager... And they ended up having to get our septic system certified which took that week.  After that, our permits were applied for with a "5-7 day wait"... and 5 weeks later we FINALLY got them!!

Today the permits were posted, the air conditioner units were relocated (they were in the way of the new construction), water lines were marked out so that the slab can be poured and our main house water can be moved once the new construction is in (it, too, is where the new construction will be), and I believe the gas lines may have been set up so they can pour the new slab on Monday.

While they were starting that project, I took James and Brianna to the endocrinologist along with the other 4 kids that are at home during the day.  They all behaved well, they're used to this office and the way they do things so the routine isn't anything new.  Both kids got a full YAY on their blood panels including screenings for secondary autoimmune issues like diabetes, celiac, etc.  That's always great to hear!

James is already on a thyroid med, but Brianna's is just being monitored, so James' dosage stays the same, and Brianna avoids meds even longer.

Another plus to the day, our nurse coordinator for the kids' specialists came down and talked to me before the doctor was in and 1- got Brianna in to the opthalmologist on FRIDAY this week... instead of NOVEMBER.  She's squinting but wasn't due to see opthal for another year and the next available appointment (until this cancellation opened one up) was August... which we can't do... then NOVEMBER!  Yay for Friday!  2- she said she'll schedule James' new pulmonology appt with a doctor at that clinic instead of me needing to take over scheduling and going to a different office, etc. which means one less thing for me to have to do!!  3- she understood our wanting to switch ENT and will move ALL our kiddos to a different group that are PEDIATRIC ENT.  We'll go with that and see how it goes.

All of that was accomplished along with 2 kids seeing the dr within 40 min of our appointment time. YAY!!

We now have air conditioning again... after 8:30-4:30 work being done to get those going, and on MONDAY we will have a slab poured for the new area.  Praying we don't have rain around that time so we don't have further delays!

Our new construction will add two rooms that will be used as bedrooms (one won't have a closet, though) and we'll be converting one current bedroom in to a fully handicap-accessible bathroom with roll-in shower, hand bars on everything, roll under sink, etc.  So net gain is one bedroom and one bathroom, since we're losing a bedroom in it as well.  It will be GREAT for Wesley and Emma to have a bathroom with more access and that will allow more independence both now and as they both get bigger!

Tomorrow is cardiology x3.  Fun stuff.

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