Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Our big news...

We are moving! 

It seems like we've been put through the fire the last two weeks, but I suppose James just wanted to make sure to interview all levels of hospital care before we relocate our entire family to Athens for the IT position that Michael has accepted at Price Avenue Christian School in Athens, GA! 

Yes, the hospital systems passed the test, though none of us would mind if we didn't have to experience all the levels of healthcare that we have in the last 2 weeks... ever again. :) (2 hospital ER's, ambulance transport, the PICU, and the general pediatrics floor at the children's hospital).

Michael will start on June 9th and the rest of us will follow as soon as is feasibly possible. We'll be readying our house for sale and preparing to move there in the next couple of months. This position is one that God led us to several months ago, though the final interview and start date has come upon us very quickly! 

We love the area, the school and church, and we're still close enough to family in Titusville that we can continue to have those strong relationships as well. The peace we had throughout James' hospitalization and the support we received in Athens was confirmation of God's provision for us even without the long-term resources and people we have had with us in FL. 

Your prayers are greatly appreciated as our family makes this BIG transition!