Saturday, June 03, 2017

One morning with the Cornishes... video and fundraiser!

One Morning with the Cornishes VIDEO and T-SHIRT FUNDRAISER LAUNCH T shirt sale link:

As Michael and I worked on creating some t-shirt designs to launch a fundraiser to help populate our family bus fund, we had an idea.  Why don’t we introduce our family at the same time that we launch the tshirt fundraiser?  And… let’s show a little bit of ‘real life’.  So, one morning last week I grabbed my cell phone and walked through our day with it recording.  I didn’t wipe down the tables and brush the kids’ hair and  make life “viewer ready.’  No, instead, I started off when I was sitting in the rocking chair watching my 13 yr old say good morning to his baby sister after breakfast.  I only recorded until lunch time, when I loaded up some of the children, left others with my mom, and headed out to a doctor’s appointment.  What I ended up with was a picture of our beautiful mess.  A morning of our normal around here…

I hope you’ll enjoy getting a peek at our family, and will see below for links to our t-shirt fundraiser and our family bus fund.

We have 12 children, my husband and I, and 2 of our children require wheelchairs.  We also have a service dog who cannot currently travel with us.  Add in other medical equipment and just the daily needs of 8 children with special needs, a toddler, and 3 ‘typically developing’ children, and our 15 passenger van is packed as tight as possible.  We are raising funds to help purchase a family bus that will hold 16 passengers plus 2 wheelchair tie downs and has a lift.  

As of today (6/3/2017) we have raised $9,600!  That’s a great start and we’re so thankful to those who have contributed! Take a look at the tshirt fundraiser below and you can read more about our family at or at our family fund page with Helping Hands (direct donations to this fund are tax deductible),

Here’s the video: One Morning with the Cornishes

 All shirts are available in various colors, crew and v-neck, as well as hoodies!   A portion of profits will be added to our bus fund.

Shirt Storefront:   **NOTE** Once you see the shirts, you can select DIFFERENT COLORS of each design! :)

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Family Bus Fund (Tax deductible donations!):

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