Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Happy First Birthday Delaina! And happy Seventh to James!

In the great scheme of things, we often don't make a big deal out of every birthday in our house because, well, there are quite a lot of them :).  However... the FIRST birthday, well, it's kind of a big deal.

On Sunday we celebrated both Delaina's first birthday (July 31st) AND James' 7th birthday (August 14th)!  We also celebrated the birth of their new cousin, Alexander (August 1st). :)

I know that rather than a run-down of the day, you'd much rather see pictures.  And I'm LONG over-due to post pictures here.  Really, it's just so much easier to click "upload to FaceBook".  If you ever need a photo fix, visit us at www.facebook.com/thecornishfamily and there's a stream of photos and videos that are posted there as things happen.

Without further ado... PICTURES :) in absolutely no particular order... :)

 Grandaddy Pocock and Brianna
 Matthew, April, and Emma
 Grandaddy Pocock, Micah, and Brianna, Kristopher in background
 Kristopher, and James in foreground
 Aunt Birgitt Pocock, Lynae, and Micah, Michael in foreground
 Michael and James
 Michael and James
 Michael and James
 Michael and Delaina
 Grandma Cornish, Kristopher, Delaina, Brianna, Micah, and Michael holding Lynae
 Grandma Cornish, Wesley, Aleksa, Delaina, Michael holding Micah, Matthew and April, James on the floor, Granddaddy Pocock holding Emma
 Grandma Cornish and Delaina
Elizabeth holding Alexander and Aunt Birgitt Pocock
 Granddaddy Pocock holding Nathaniel
 Elizabeth with Alexander
April and Aleksa
 Grndma Cornish, Delaina, Brianna, Wesley, Elizabeth with Alexander, Michael
Kristopher holding Alexander
 Jim and Kristopher
 James and Granddaddy holding Nathaniel
 Emma, Eliabeth, James, Michael, Lynae
 Delaina's first birthday cake!

 James digging in... even though he normally doesn't eat ANYTHING (literally-- all liquid, but he liked the cake!)

Happy Birthday!! :) 

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