Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Our Story

So... I'm awake. It's 1:20am and my mind is spinning. God speaks to me in the darkness and in the quiet, and He uses what He's shown me throughout the day to do that. This weekend Michael and I recognized and celebrated 12 years of marriage and the unique life path that we're on. We spoke of role models throughout the years and mistakes and twists we couldn't have foreseen. We talked of the past and of the future, and how so much is changing... once again. I woke with this all on my mind and sat down with a blank page. This is what came out:

To tell you our story I could start at the end or the beginning, but no matter where I begin, the intricacies of God are so entangled in it that the beginning and the end mesh somewhere in the middle, and the origins of time escape from the picture. God knew where we would be today from when I was born and as time holds no relevance to God, He pieced it together in his all-knowing power. Tomorrow is no surprise either, so when the happenings of three years ago coincide with the dealings of tomorrow it should be of no surprise to us since God is the one that orchestrates it all together. Unlike the orchestral symphony which requires perfect timing, God’s timing expands beyond our limited knowledge of the continuum and rolls instead into the silence that is tomorrow and was yesterday. We can trust just the same that tomorrow we will be in the folds of God’s grace as we did today and yesterday because God holds it all in eternity. So I will tell you our story, but the web that it spins won’t be one of chronology. Instead it will work backward and forward into the silent symphony that God created in us without concern for time. 

One day at a time, we are telling that story. From yesterday to three years ago, to tomorrow, the story continues, and sometimes the future makes the past make sense. :)

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