Thursday, February 21, 2013

What a busy February!

We have had a great February, filled to the brim with all sorts of things!  It's not quite over, but it has been a full month already :).

On Jan 16th Aleksa and Emma went to Hope Haven Down Syndrome Clinic for evaluations in occupational, physical, and speech therapies and an educational evaluation as well.  We got some neat ideas for continuing to build them up in each area and took James on January 30th then Brianna and Micah on February 13th.  One of those things is getting new orthotics for several of the kids (all but Brianna have them currently) and we have appointments for all of those to be made on Monday morning.

On Thursdays we continue to have 10 therapy sessions every week, OT and PT sessions (7 sessions) in the morning and 3 ST sessions in the evening.  Hopefully we'll be adding back in 3 more ST sessions as soon as another therapist is hired! :)

We also have Saturday morning horse therapies every week, and 4 of the kids ride each week.  Our horse therapy location is about to move, so Saturday will start a week with some extra "barn raising" efforts to help them break down then re-settle at their new location.

February 2nd our family walked/ran the Light the Way 5K which is a fundraiser for Park Avenue Christian Academy.  My dad and I switched out between pushing a triple stroller with Brianna, James, and Micah in it, and carrying Delaina.  It was a long 3+ miles, but we made it.  And, my dad is in better shape than I am, I admit it! :)

February 4th Wesley turned 8!! :)

February 5th James and Micah both had ABR testing done at the children's hospital.  They both passed in the normal range, which means I'm back to square one with Micah's hearing difficulties since the brain CAN hear the frequencies (but in a booth he doesn't react at anything below 55 decibels and in 'real functional life' he doesn't appear to hear much of what is said).  We see the ENT again on Monday morning!

February 7th Wesley had an appointment with the physiatrist and was recommended for another round of Botox, which he'll be having done this coming Monday afternoon.

Did you catch all those "Mondays?"  Yes, we have 6 orthotic castings, 2 ENT appointments, and an appointment for Botox injections all on Monday.  Fun stuff. :)  We'll get it all done together though!

February 9th Michael took Brianna, Lynae, and Aleksa to the Father/Daughter Dance and they all had a great time! :)

February 12th James and Delaina both had well visits complete with booster shots.  Delaina's still TINY,  surprised? Not really.  :)

February 15th Kristopher, Brianna, Delaina, and I drove up to southern Alabama for the weekend to enjoy a little get-away.  Wait, the get-away was for me!! :)  Kris and Brianna played with Shelley Bedford's kids and her husband while she and I snuck away for the day on Saturday, then we spent Sunday around their house before driving home on Monday.  We had a nice visit and some much needed down time! :)

February 18th was a special day-of-note!  It was our 5th anniversary of Micah and Emma's adoption!  Hard to believe that it has been 5 years since our court date to finalize their adoption!

February 19th is also a special day, Emma's 10th birthday!  That means that she has now been home for longer than she was in the orphanage :).  For our children that spent time without families, that's a special mark and a day we look forward to for each of them! :) :)

February 20th Wesley saw the orthopedic doctor and was recommended for a lengthening surgery on his hamstring on one leg.  We were told we could wait for 6-12 months even before having it done, but that it will need to be done eventually... Not really great news, but thankful that there is an option to help him!

Today is February 21st, and this morning started with an orthodontic appointment for Kristopher and having spacers put in.  Michael also took James to the pediatrician to have his "finger pricked" because James slammed his ring finger in something and it was swollen beneath the nail.  ICK.  What a way to start the day!

Next week brings a very busy Monday with 9 appointments and Kristopher has another orthodontist appointment to have impressions done to get ready to get an "appliance" placed in a few weeks.

We are continuing to home school six of the kids plus Lynae (who isn't school-age yet but still participates in everything!) and Kristopher is in private school.  I started a new reading curriculum with the kids this week (Thanks Shelley Bedford for the help getting started)! so we'll see how that goes.  I love that we can home school on the go, and our busy days we can still be productive with schooling :).

Then... February will be over!!

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  1. Wow! It has been a busy month. Hope all goes well on your big Monday! Thanks for taking the time to update us. :)