Thursday, July 26, 2012

Summer Fun!

IMG_4690 IMG_4634 IMG_4652 IMG_4653 IMG_4659 IMG_4665 IMG_4667 IMG_4675 IMG_4685 IMG_4686 IMG_4687 IMG_4688 IMG_4689

IMG_4524 IMG_4526 IMG_4531 IMG_4538 IMG_4545 IMG_4548 IMG_4552 IMG_4554 IMG_4576 IMG_4579 IMG_4585 IMG_4599 IMG_4615 IMG_4630


  1. Wesley isn't in these pool pic's because he had an infection on his tube area and wasn't able to get in the pool. He played just inside through the open sliding doors, but unfortunately the camera settings were set for outdoors and none of the pictures of Wes turned out! Next time... :)

  2. They all look so heatlhy and like they are getting big!!! I was wondering were Wes was, you must have read my mind ;oP . Praying for an uneventful delivery of your baby girl, and I'll be anxious to find out what you decide to name her and to see pics!