Saturday, June 23, 2012

Kristopher came to me very upset tonight...

He had already been sent to bed and I had just hit "go" to call Michael while he was leaving for Orlando. Kristopher seemed urgent so I asked m to tell me quickly what he needed. "I need to go let my frog go" --"what frog?" --"When I was at Grandpas house with daddy earlier I caught a frog and put it in the helmet bag in the van. I need to go let it out so it doesn't die!" --"The horseback bag? It's in with the kids' helmets?" --"Yes, and if I don't let it out it's going to DIE!" --"Well, your dad just left for Orlando with that van, but I will let him know that there's a frog in the bag in the trunk" All the while, Michael is on the phone with me now, wondering what in the WORLD I'm talking about! He still isn't sure when Kristopher had the opportunity to get in to the trunk of the van and put a frog in the duffel bag with the kids' horseback/bicycle helmets are stored... Not sure yet whether he ever stopped to look for the frog...


  1. Cute story. I hope the frog got let go!!!

  2. Ok, so what happened to the frog! Don't keep us in suspense,lol!