Friday, September 01, 2017

A review: mifold booster seat

I will first say I reluctantly agreed to do this review.  I was contacted by a very sweet rep from mifold booster seats and said no, I use 5-pt harnesses for all of my kids until they can sit well in a regular seat.  But, she wrote again.  In that time, my sister mentioned the mifold seat to me as an option she was considering.  I'd thought about going ahead and seeing what they're all about, so the second time they reached out, I agreed.

I'm glad I did!

Though we still feel that a 5-pt harness is the safest way to travel with kids, this booster does an amazing job of putting a seat belt down to a child's level, as well as KEEPING it there, no matter the child's position in the seat.  The portability is great, as it can be thrown into a child's backpack for a play date after school or be carried along for a day trip with grandma.

When I received the mifold, my sister was visiting with her boys, so in addition to my own kids trying out the seat, my sister was able to try it with her son as well.  Here are some pictures of the seat, the setup, and my kids of different body builds, sizes, and developmental levels trying it out!

We are highly impressed.  We often use a TravelSafer vest, and I would  consider this to be similar in its restraint and positioning to the vest.  At the same time, it's even more portable and versatile as it doesn't have to 'fit' the child as well, and can be adjusted in just a few touches to fit a child from the smallest to the largest of their size recommendations.

An impressive product, that safely adjusts the seatbelt to fit the child!  Very grateful to mifold for allowing us to 'test' the product as well as intoruducing us to a seat we may very well use as the need arises in the future.

Now, the pictures!  It was much smaller than I expected!

Here's where to shop:

This review was made after receiving the product free of charge, with the request for a post.  The mifold company did not otherwise influence the post contents.

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