Saturday, May 06, 2017

Family Update and Immediate Need

We have news! We are adopting!  We never thought God would call us to a BABY, but that is exactly what He has done!  Our beautiful Nya spent her first 7 months of life in the hospital, and came to our home in Mid-March!  She's precious and we are so thankful that God has called us and allowed us to parent another of His special children!

Here's a guest post sharing a current and immediate need of our family, a fundraiser to be able to purchase a vehicle that we all fit in!  Thank you for considering a donation and for sharing this on social media if you can.  If you have other ideas or resources for grants or fundraising, we'd be glad to hear from you as we follow God with our "yes" to care for His children.

Guest post from Jen and Melody:

Michael and Meredith Cornish are parents to 12 children, including their current adoption, a 8 month old with significant medical needs (not pictured). Through 4 international adoptions, a foster adoption and a domestic adoption of an international child who needed another adoptive home, Michael and Meredith have repeatedly allowed the Lord to have complete control of their finances and given everything to give a family to children in need. Eight of the Cornish children have special needs including their biological 11 year old daughter, two 14 year old daughters, two 10 year old sons, and a 9 year old son who all have Down syndrome as their primary diagnosis. Their 12 year old son has spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy, and their 8 month old daughter is expected to have a similar diagnosis due to trauma at birth, though she is currently trach and ventilator dependent. They have 4 other biological children, ages 13, 7, 4, and 18 months.

Though Mike and Meredith will tell you they all 'fit' into their 15 passenger van, it is not without difficulty, and this limits their ability to do some activities and greatly increases the time it takes for them to load and unload their family from the vehicle. Their son with CP requires a wheelchair, and it is taken apart and put under the back seats as well as into the 15th seat of the van, but has to be disassembled and reassembled at every stop. Ten of their kids still need car seats, so seating itself is very tight. The new baby has medical equipment that takes up the floor board below two of the car seats and between the driver and passenger's seat, as well as a double stroller which squeezes into the door area where the double doors open. In order to get anyone out of the vehicle for a stop, some of the baby's equipment must be unloaded, and to get the other 2 children out of the front row, they must pass through the front doors of the vehicle. Though it is possible, it is difficult! 

We would like the Cornish family to be able to continue to keep their family active and healthy as well as to be able to relieve some of the physical work that it takes for them to leave their house. They are a family that enjoys the park, day trips, activities with local special needs groups, and church involvement, and we also know the addition of their newest baby has significantly changed their sleep schedule! 

We want to see this family blessed by providing them with a vehicle that will meet the needs of all of their family members and will be reliable as Meredith ventures out with her family much of the time on her own. This family bus will have 16-18 seats to allow for a nurse or other caregiver to travel with them as needed, and once again their treasured service dog will have room to come along! With a wheelchair lift and two wheelchair spaces, their baby girl's needs are anticipated if she has a long term need for a chair, but that space will be useful to secure her medical equipment at the current time. Please join us in blessing this family with a vehicle that will allow them to continue to raise the beautiful children that God has placed in their care!
As of 5/6/2017, approximately $6600 has been raised for the Cornishes!

Follow this link to donate to the Cornish Family Bus Fund (donations are tax deductible!)

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