Wednesday, November 6


Here are a few videos from the week and one from a few weeks ago.  A little look at the kids "in action" :).

First the older one, of some of the kids playing while passing the time at the therapy center.  Other kids are out of the room working with OT and PT.

Here are James and Micah in the trampoline.  James likes to attempt to pull Micah down, and they both giggle their heads off. 

This one is Micah and Delaina.  Delaina is sure she's supposed to be sitting on Micah's lap, but he's not as sure about that idea.  Then when he gets the idea, he's a snuggle just as much.

Last is Wesley during his hyperactive evening time tonight , when he attempts to get as mobile as possible, stretch, crawl, sit, whatever he can attempt to get his body to do! :)

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