Friday, November 15

Plans for the future, for hope

I often find myself working to figure out what’s next, and the last several months have been without exception. In the past I have thought this was a deficit most times because those little moments that I could have captured and made memories that I didn’t.

In praying on this today I realized that it’s not always bad. As we look toward the future, planning and thinking ahead is a natural and helpful part of that life-experience. When God calls us out on a limb He doesn’t always give us all the details, but sometimes He also calls us to plan and to prepare.

 Mike and I have been in a state of “we’re not sure what you’re up to, God” since the beginning of 2013. We’ve been given directives “do this.” “Now do this.” And we’ve felt a pretty firm calling each time we’ve made a big step. None of those steps, however, had much “future” involved in them, and where we thought they did, we were wrong. We are secure in God’s timing, and secure that God has and is and will continue to direct our path. In that we are grateful, because we won’t wander aimlessly as long as we keep our eyes fixed on Him.

 In the last few weeks God’s planted the next seed for us. The seed of preparation. Of searching. Of being ready for Him to do big things. Then, the potential “big things” sprouted out from a place we weren’t looking. 

 Now we continue to prepare- prepare our hearts, our children, our home. Prepare so that if this big thing is what God has for us, we will be ready and able to immediately follow Him. We don’t yet know if this big thing is the one He’s told us to prepare for and we are thankful that it is not just Michael and myself that would make that decision, but a calling to us and to another group of people as well. It IS, however, in line with what God has confirmed in our hearts and in our ministry within the past months, it answers many questions of “how??” that we had in reference to God’s call, and it appears on the outside to be exactly the type of opportunity for ministry that He has been setting us up for over the last months and years.

We ask that as we prepare, as we pray, as we wrap our hearts and minds around this big thing, that you also pray for us. We don’t feel comfortable giving details unless/until it becomes a reality, so please bear with us in that. We do know that God is BIG, He is sovereign, and where He is moving in our lives is exactly where we want to be. So with that in mind, we ask you to pray specifically that we will hear God clearly in this situation and that He will speak just as clearly to the team of people who are also praying for the specific calling.

Jeremiah 29:11 ““For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future.””

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  1. We feel like we are right there too, just waiting on God.