Sunday, April 17, 2011

Another week begins!

This weekend was busy but fun.  Michael took the sleepless nights on the couch with Wesley and I got the bed with no monitors on.  I even went to bed early on Friday and slept until 8:30 on Saturday!  I needed the sleep!  Wesley is still waking every hour or so needing to be either moved or reassured that we are closeby...  I'm debating still whether he is just handsomely spoiled after our time in the hospital or if he really is getting uncomfortable in the cast that frequently.  It will make his sleep-deprived EEG an easy sell later this week though...  It's the work week once again, so I am on "Wesley duty" tonight so Michael can sleep and function in the job that gets paid LOL.

Tomorrow we go back to the orthopedic doctor.  I haven't a clue whether he'll be taking a look and sending us home or whether they may venture in and remove the cast.  I think it was 3-4 weeks minimum in the cast, but talking to their scheduler, well, it's possible that it may come off tomorrow.  Praying that either way it is what's best for Wesley.  If he needs more time to heal, we'll keep it on another 1-2 weeks.  If everything's set, we'd be glad to say goodbye! :)

Later this week we have evaluations for Wesley and Aleksa at our neighborhood elementary school as well as Wesley's EEG scheduled.  Mike and I are hoping *hoping* hoping... to get an evening out sometime soon too.  Our last attempt was thwarted by the fires near our home and that was a month ago now!  It's time... :)

Back to this weekend, yesterday we went out in search of glasses for the kids.  We need a second pair since the kids ARE going to lose or break them.  At the moment Brianna's are lost, Wesley hasn't been wearing them since he's laying down all the time and it's uncomfortable, James' glasses snapped at the welding on the nosepiece-- unknown whether it was malicious or not-- and Aleksa snapped the 'leg' of hers in two.  That means that Emma and Micah are the only two wearing their glasses on a regular basis!  And Emma keeps chewing the nose pieces off of hers, so we've replaced them about 5 or 6 times in the last few months!

We found lots of great sales, but nothing that made us commit.  Most of the stores were in West Orlando and we don't want to have to drive out there regularly for fitting or replacement, etc.  One had 2-pr for $99, but they had no warranty and would be another $30 per pair for the warranty.  They would do two different scripts for the $99 tho, so it would end up being $$480 for all 6 pair with a year warranty.  Still a pretty chunk of change.  Another place had 2 pair for $80, but they had to be the same script, and it was another $40 for the replacement warranty (on both pair).  So that would be $120 per child, or $720 for all 6 kids.  Since it would be two pair instead of just one, we considered not doing the warranty, but still it would be $480 for all 6 pair.  Still yikes!

Kara posted about Zennia optical (which you really should check out!) but again, I hesitated because of the replacing them weekly thing.  It may be the way we end up going if I can figure out how to do it though!  In the mean time, I'm waiting on WalMart because they are about to get some new glasses for kids and had 2 empty displays when I just went and looked.  I'm going to go back one day this week to see if they're in.  They have some $9 frames with $39 lenses... that's much more up my alley, being more like $300 for all 6 pair and including a year warranty AND... it's WalMart... which is 5 min from home and I'm there weekly.  So fixing them is a little easier!

Ok, enough on glasses and schedules and and and... and it's time for me to go calm the little man down again and go to bed myself.  It promises to be a busy week!


  1. I have used Zenni Optical a few times myself, can't beat a $12 pair of glasses. Hope you get some more rest this week.. Good luck at appointment tomorrow

  2. Meredith: All of my kids wear glasses. Do you have an Eye Mart Express local? I paid $20 per pair for each kid and that included a one year warranty. I hope this helps!

    Have a good week!

  3. We use Walmart for Katya's glasses. They replace the frames up to four times for free if I can bring in a piece of them and the lenses twice. Doesn't help with losing them though. I usually buy two or three pair for under $50. a pair. They seem to break less often than the expensive ones too. With time she has come to break them less often and rarely maliciously now. The "no school without your glasses" made her see the value in not losing/hiding them as well. (we home school and workbooks are just impossible with a nearly blind child, we don't restrict her from the other parts of school though, just workbooks)

  4. For what it's worth I, too, would recommend Zenni Optical. I got the "expensive glasses" and it ended up being less than $25 with shipping. The downfall is that you don't get a chance to see how they look on before you buy them. If I were in your shoes though that is the route I would be going.

  5. I have used Zenni for years. They have a great price but the shipping takes a while and you need to make sure you are ordering the smallest child size types or they can be too big.

    What I do is start to order at
    They have a printable ruler and better explanation on how to order. I don't complete the order but use that information to go to and put in an order.

    It is the same shipping rate at Zenni for one or a dozen so order all at once. I get five pairs for my little girl at a time. Also you can order extra frames only so if they do snap the arms off you can pop the glass out and change them for about $6.

    My little girl has a huge script in one eye and a much smaller one in the other. Leave a note "lazy eye that is why the numbers are so different" in the comment section or what ever your childs eye problem is so it does not hold up the order.

    If you have to patch this place has the best eye patches.

  6. I can tell you that when I had to wear an arm cast that locked my arm in one position that it was definitely not comfortable and I had to take pain meds at night for the muscle spasms, so I am sure that Mr. Wesley is not so much spoiled as just needing repositioned.

    On to glasses - We love Walmart for kids glasses and how they will even adjust and replace nose pieces on ones not even purchased from them! We buy our second pairs from Walmart, but Walmart here does not take medical cards, so our first pair comes from an optomitrist, but it is so much easier to have Walmart People adjust - they pretty much know our kids by name!


  7. We LOVE Zenni Optical! If it's the frames you're worried about breaking, they will let you purchase frames without lenses (used to be half the posted price, not sure if that's still the case) and so you could buy a few as backup. That's what I plan to do when I order for Sunshine in the future.