Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Diapering and Cerebral Palsy

Ok, so here's the thing...

EVERY NIGHT, Wesley wets out his diaper.  It's on snug.  It's not a ton of pee.  I've changed the type of diaper, gone up a size, 'tucked it in' around his little parts, used overnights, etc... and he still wets out every night.

I've started using a blanket on his bed to absorb it so sometimes I don't have to change all the sheets (sometimes...)...

If you have a child that is THIN and has spastic CP affecting the legs, HOW do you keep the urine from just leaking out of the diaper when they are laying down?  I know what's happening... His tendons in his groun area are so tight that they pull the diaper away from his body and the liquid just runs right out.  I've seen it happen.  It's always in 'those' places.

So what do you do to keep it from happening?  I don't even think double diapering would fix the problem.

I'm seriously considering using a cloth diaper under the disposable but not exactly sure how that would work either.

Anyone??   Thanks in advance! :)

In the great scheme of things, this isn't a big deal now.  But I'm thinking ahead a few weeks and I'm considering the Spica cast, and at that point we really can't have this type of leakage or we will have a MAJOR SMELLY cast...  Just saying...


  1. I have the same problem with Jaxson..I am now full time cloth diapering and have no more leak problems at night or day time.I know clothe diapering isnt for everyone or every child.We started him in clothe when he came home...He wore them in country so why not stay with it.I did not put them on at night i used a disposable.After many wet beds i decided to try one at night.Now thats all we use.I know alot of it is Jaxsons legs too as he is so hard to get a diaper on sometimes!

  2. Although Aidan no longer has this issue it was somewhat of a problem for us when he was around 2yrs. Weirdly though it only happened at night as well which makes me wonder if it is how they sleep or move when left alone? I remember his diaper itself would be almost dry but his outfit/bed etc. soaked as if it just leaked right out.

    I know that for a while Pampers were the only brand that fit him right (of course, the most expensive...) but we really did try every other and it just seemed like the Pampers ran smaller, were less "papery" and fit closer to the body. We used Swaddlers for size 3 and Cruisers for size 4. Ironically the "baby dry" type did not keep him dry. Also if you consider what you may save in time/expense of washing everything constantly...

    Option 2...if you haven't tried already, putting the diaper on backwards?

    Option 3... at night we also used "plastic pants" OVER the diaper. Here is a link...
    the 24mo size fit until he was about 30lbs. Or you could try a smaller sized swim diaper overtop as well, though that might get expensive.
    Re: cloth, not sure how much he wets but i used to watch a toddler whose mom did cloth and they just don't hold as much so she had to put maxi pads in each diaper... also gets expensive.

    Hope some of that helps! Also just fyi now that he has FINALLY gained a little weight we can use any brand diaper and it isn't an issue. Now we use Target brand which have been awesome.

  3. I don't have a child with CP but my thought was one of the ones you had - putting a cloth diaper under the disposable. I would use a Snappi on him (http://www.snappibaby.com/products/snappidiaperfastener.html) and fold it using a bikini twist (http://diaperpages.com/bikini_twist.php) I was surprised that I never had a leak with my breast fed infant using this folding method.

  4. Katya's legs are pretty tight too and she is wearing a size 3 diaper. Sams club members mark brand fits my kids the best as I have had this problem with all 3 because all of mine, bio and adopted, are skinny tails! Those diapers fit really tight around the legs. Wyatt and Katya are both around 30lbs and wear the size 3. Hope that helps! You could also put underwear or training pants on under the diaper. We did that with potty training Wesley and the undies catch all the pee.

  5. I used to work with a little fellow alot like ur wesley,we tried pull ups,all different diapers,depends,double diapering,everything.
    theres a few things you can try,one is cutting a cloth diaper in half anf then folding the half in half and putting it inside the disposeable diapers.another is plastic rubber pants,another simple thing is to put a smaller size pair of underwear over the diaper to kind of hold the sides together.

  6. My friend has a little boy (4) that has the same issue. She said that she tried everything but finally resorted to two "make-shift" ideas. She will fold a cloth diaper (cut in half) in the gap area. She said she will fold it and diaper quite tightly over it. She has also used a specific type of bandage (rolled cotton) that was absorbant enough but did not pull apart. She mentioned the only problem occured when he wet a decent amount. She said it would get cold and saturated. I hope you find a solution! So glad to see Wesley doing well:)

  7. Jillian's been bed wetting for 19 years now! I have found that I do not have to wash everything if I put a Serenity Pad inside the diaper to absorb the urine. As she is older now I am having success limiting the liguids at night and getting her to void before bed, so there is less urine output. It's a happy day in my house when I don't have to wash bed linens. The rubber lined swim diapers were effective when she was much smaller. You can also inquire at the medical supply houses for an apparatus to go over the penis to collect the urine once casted.Good luck!

  8. I was recently given some larger, medical grade diapers that are too big for my son w/DS. I would be happy to ship them to you, and perhaps they could be "covers" or extra layers or something for Wesley? Send me a message through my blog if you want them www.gatherfromnations.blogspot.com

  9. I'm thinking along the lines of sjk and "stuffing" the diaper with folded up cloth diaper or a washcloth. Tuck it around his little boy parts and use the disposable diaper to keep it snug.

  10. What about urinal sheaths? Removes the problem completely. They are also called Texas or condom catheters, pee goes in a bag instead, dry butt, happy guy!

  11. The girl I look after uses bladder control pads inside her diaper...seems to have stopped the leaks for her, at least!

  12. I don't really have anything to add about diapering that others haven't mentioned already. But I did want to share a way to keep the sheets/bed clean!
    I get super-absorbent puppy pads. (I get them at PetEdge.com -- the Clean N Go brand is the best and most absorbent, and the least expensive.)
    Sounds silly, I know, but they're the same thing used in hospitals, for adult incontinence, etc. Just less expensive and more absorbent!
    Over the puppy pad, I'll place a fleece blanket. The fleece doesn't hold moisture -- it goes right through and it's held by the puppy pad below. So it's just more comfortable -- it doesn't feel wet and it doesn't hold the fluid against their back, legs, etc., so you don't have to worry about skin issues quite as much!