Friday, February 25, 2011

Someone's Got New Glasses!

Actually... TWO someones!

And 4 more kids went to the eye doctor today…

Brianna and James are now getting glasses, both are far sighted (which surprised me, I was thinking they were near sighted!).

Emma and Micah both are getting new glasses.  Micah’s script didn’t change much (he’s far sighted too), but Emma’s left eye changed drastically (worse).  Emma is near sighted and has nystagmus and strabismus.

We're up to 6 in glasses… and did I mention that Michael had an opthalmology appointment last week and he’s getting glasses too.

Now the glasses hunt will go from 2 pair to 7… *sigh*

I'll try for better pictures later, but we came home, ate lunch, and the kids laid down so haven't had much time for good pic's :)


  1. is a great website to purchase inexpensive glasses. We've been getting our 11 year old's glasses there for a year or two now.

    Angela :-)

  2. We love zennioptical too! I'm glad they could help Wesley's vision with glasses! I guess I assumed because he was blind they wouldn't be able to do anything about it so I'm really happy to see him with glasses! So I guess he's not completely blind but "legally blind"?? My vision is terrible, I think I'm legally blind as well, at least without my contacts!