Sunday, November 21, 2010

CP Moms Groups?

I'm involved in a few Ds Mom groups online.  Anyone have an active online CP mom group that you'd recommend?  I've joined one Yahoo group but thought I'd ask for suggestions.


    Above is the Yahoo group that we are apart of. Tami that adopted Jeremiah with CP from Taiwan is also apart of this group. It is very active and very helpful! Blessings, Jamie

  2. I am on 2 yahoo groups for copkids and cpmoms love them both very informative...Here are the links.. I also have one you may like as you can post about special equipment you want to purchase or sale.If someone has something they will email you.I got our sons Tumble form chair this way..This may be great for your DS babies too. I aso have a microcephaly group too!Both our special needs boys have Micro.
    Mom to 7 kids..Newest home 8 months now from Liberia Africa