Tuesday, March 10, 2009


The link for the customizable charts is http://www.dltk-cards.com/chart/

Honestly, didn't love the way it looks when it's done-- it would be fine for a list of 5 or so items... like actually using it for its purpose of doing a kids' chore chart :)

I made this one using Photoshop and it works much better for us!

household chart- list

And just for kicks, I took off my 'sidebar' so if you're wanting to use it, here's the chart I made that you can add your own list on to. I'm not sure how great it'll upload, but e-mail me if you want a better copy of it. mkp1982@hotmail.com

household chart blank


  1. If you have microsoft works, there are customizable chore charts there as well!

  2. Your chart makes me tired just reading all those tasks!!!
    You must be in that second trimester energy burst phase :)

  3. I would go nuts with a chart like that. Ugh! Just looking at it makes me dizzy! LOL ;)

  4. MEREDITH! I am in the process of making one of those for each of the kids. Thanks so much for the awesome link! I will definitely be laminating them and letting them mark out their jobs with an erasable marker. Neat, neat, neat! Eleanor is already excited...I wonder how long that will last? LOL